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Experience and reliability since 1945

AliA Cloud and Serrature Meroni, innovation on 75 years of Made in Italy quality!

Founded in 1945 by Giulio Andrea Meroni, Serrature Meroni is today one of the leading manufacturers of locking systems, both mechanical and electronic, for the Italian and international markets. A world leader in furniture locks and internationally renowned for door products, such as the famous PremiApri knobs and customized solutions for the industry, Serrature Meroni has always been able to renew itself and access new markets. , to design original and successful solutions for multiple applications. In March 2022, AliA Cloud S.r.l. was born.

2022: AliA Cloud is born

AliA Cloud, the digital spin-off of Serrature Meroni, focuses on the development of innovative digital solutions.

AliA Cloud is the access point to the digital world, connecting the traditional and physical world of Serrature Meroni and the increasing digital needs of the market. It will be the crucible of important innovations capable of responding to the needs of modern companies in the process of transformation and of proposing intuitive, customizable scalable solutions and high security.

AliA manages various locking solutions developed by Serrature Meroni:

  • UFO Cloud, the security lock for van doors
  • DiLo, the smart knob for lockers sharing
  • AirHandle, the first handle by Serrature Meroni with an high design content and flexble application (coming soon)
  • many other solutions, currently under development.

AliA Cloud is the concretization of Serrature Meroni innate drive for innovation, the first step towards a path that sees the company towards the technological conversion of its main solutions.

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    About Us

    Experience and reliability since 1945

    With more than seventy years of history behind it, Serrature Meroni is among the most solid and proven Italian companies in the field of mechanical and electronic locking systems. A leader in the world of mobile locks and internationally known for door products – the famous PremiApri pomoli – Meroni Locks is also a dynamic company inclined to explore new paths.

    Applying her knowledge in the field of closing systems, she was able to find original and successful solutions for several new areas, including the automotive one.

    2009: UFO is born

    This was also the case in 2009 for the birth of UFO (now renamed UFO Classic), the defender for light commercial vehicles: vans for the first time were able to enjoy an ad hoc solution to add security to the access hatches to the cargo compartment.

    By replacing the old locks or improvised solutions with efficiency, practicality and elegance, unsafe and unsightly, UFO immediately became a real success. Adopted by fleets as well as by private individuals, it marked a small revolution.

    It was therefore obvious that UFO was followed by its natural evolution, UFO, which improves some of its characteristics: an additional safety lock that is even better performing, with automatic closure, to be mounted quickly and steadily on the body of the vehicle.

    Quick and easy to assemble

    2016: the arrival of UFO³

    In 2016 is the year of UFO³, the safety lock that integrates the design features of UFO and those of the practicality and efficiency of UFO, bringing it all to a new level of safety and versatility

    The UFO family is joined by LUCCOTTO, a simple product particularly suitable for the binned vehicles in combination with its steel brackets. These vehicles have a structure that undergoes wide misalignments, such as that of the rear hatches: LUCCOTTO is able to tolerate the movement of the structure and doors for a few centimeters, thus offering them an excellent solution.

    Innovation by UFO³

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